At The Wood Shack, smoke isn’t just a cooking method, it's an ingredient. We use a variety of woods in our smoker -- hickory, cherry, mesquite, pecan, maple and sassafras -- each chosen to compliment a specific protein. Bold spreads and sauces are combined with our smoke-kissed meat to assemble big-flavored sandwiches. Smoke is even used in our signature gooey-butter ice-cream cookies! There is nothing typical here.

Chef Chris Delgado

Chef Chris Delgado spent much of his younger years in his mother's kitchen in Arizona -- grinding the masa for tamales, moving heavy pots and catching up with family members and neighbors. This is where his love for the kichen was born and, after experimenting with several career paths, he finally realized this was the only place he wanted to be.

He started his culinary career in St. Louis at Shiitake as a sushi chef and picked a second position as pizza chef at Luciano's. He then moved over to Jimmy's on the Park where he became a sous chef and took on side job at the St. Louis Club to learn about fine dining. He quickly graduated to a full time chef position at the Back Door, the club's casual restaurant. His next stop was chef at 119 North, where he was introduced to a new world of spices and farm-fresh ingredients.

Chris met Patrick McGinnis in 2016 and began the partnership that would eventually become The Wood Shack. This unique eatery combines smoke with inspired ingredients and rotating smoke blends to create sweet, bitter and umami flavors. Together, Chris and Patrick offer a different point of view on the humble sandwich.